Vanishing Ink Ep. No. 1

Stripped and taped together like the music fanzines of a bygone era, Vanishing Ink is a modern tribute to punk culture and radio. It’s a podcast. It’s a fanzine. It’s a DIY culture assault. And it's only avaliable via free subscription. Is this your first time here? Catch up.

Episode 1 Show Notes 

Side A

Intro by Allyson McCabe and Kevin Wortis

Is Comedy the New Punk Rock by Portia Sabin

Talkin' 'Bout July Talk by Tony DuShane

Side B

Tinder Moments by Anonymous

Places I've Run Into My Ex by Liz Wood

New York Telephone Conversation by Anonymous




Dr. Portia Sabin is a cultural anthropologist. While working on her Ph.D. at Columbia University, she played drums, recorded, and toured with NYC band The Hissyfits.  She founded Shotclock Management in 2004 and took over running the legendary punk record label, Kill Rock Stars, in 2006. She is the host of a radio show and podcast about the music business called The Future of What.  Sabin is a board member of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of The Recording Academy, chair of the board of the Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, and former chair of the board of the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM). 

Tony DuShane wrote the screenplay “Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk” directed by Eric Stoltz. The film, based on his novel of the same name, is currently doing the film festival circuit. DuShane’s writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Mother Jones, Penthouse, The Rumpus, and The Believer. His radio show Drinks with Tony aired on KFJC, Pirate Cat Radio, and Radio Valencia. 

Liz Wood was born, and for the most part raised, in Northern California. She received her MFA at NYU and currently lives in Brooklyn where she is working on her first novel. 


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