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Drawing her inspiration from the zine culture of her youth and a love of radio, Allyson McCabe (NPR, Rumpus, SF Chronicle) is bringing you Vanishing Ink. Stripped and taped together like the music fanzines of a bygone era, the content is raw, edgy, and most of all fun; a modern tribute to punk culture and radio.

It’s a fanzine. It’s a podcast. It’s a DIY culture riff. Allyson is backed by a merry band of scribblers, navigating contemporary music culture in the wider context of their shared history. From one bartender's no-holds-barred take on your last Tinder date to the new bands you've just got to hear, each Vanishing Ink issue/episode is filled with stories and sounds that you won't find anywhere else. And it's available only by free subscription!

Volume I featured Kevin Wortis (Girlie Action Media), Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars), John S. Hall (King Missile, Unusual Squirrel), Tony DuShane (NY Times Best Seller, San Francisco Chronicle), Liz Wood (The Rumpus), Dave Robinson (Stiff Records), Michelle Mae (The Make-Up), Death (from Detroit!), Mark Alan Stamaty (Village Voice, "MacDoodle Street"), and Rick Moody (Author of The Ice Storm, Garden State, and On Celestial Music: And Other Adventures in Listening, among others). Feeling a little K-Tel here, but the list goes on and on. Check out the archive for more!

Allyson McCabe reports and produces music stories for NPR, other public radio stations and programs, and podcasts. She is also a long-time music columnist at The Rumpus.



Allyson's photo was taken by Ebru Yildiz & our logo was designed by Esme Blegvad