VOL. 1

Vanishing Ink is a weekly compendium of my current obsessions, musical and otherwise, reviews of everything, thinly veiled industry dirt, and even occasional prizes. Below is the complete index of Volume I, which included 25 digital zine issues and 7 podcast episodes, plus playlists and audio extras.

Vanishing Ink No. 1

Ciao! Manhattan + Light in the Attic Records + Edie Sedgwick + Harry Nilsson + The Rocky Horror Picture Show + Bad Brains + Mary Timony + Sneaks + Rose’s Luxury + Bad Saint + Tom Wood

Vanishing Ink No. 2

Fay Wray + Lou Reed’s Transformer + debut of the podcast

Episode No. 1

Is Comedy the New Punk Rock by Portia Sabin + Talkin' 'Bout July Talk by Tony DuShane + Tinder Moments by Anonymous + Places I've Run Into My Ex by Liz Wood + New York Telephone Conversation by Anonymous

Vanishing Ink No. 3

Lucy Sparrow + Shabazz Palaces + The Perfect Haircut + Jailhouse Rock + Chain and the Gang

Vanishing Ink No. 4

Band T-shirts + NYC subway + Michelle Mae + Girl Scout Cookie Giveaway

Episode No. 2

Battle of the Dead Bands by Allyson McCabe and Kevin Wortis + New York City Subway Ride by Liz Wood+ Charming Disaster by Kevin Wortis + Reading The Tarot by Michelle Mae + Haunted Piano by Mike Adams at His Honest Weight

Vanishing Ink No. 5

Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville + GLOW + Elsa Dorfman

Vanishing Ink No. 6

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars + Stage Names + The Ice Cream Truck

Episode No. 3

Battle of the Superhero Bands by Allyson McCabe and Kevin Wortis + Pants/The Closet by John S. Hall + Chucks Redux by Allyson McCabe + The New Old by Katherine Booth

Vanishing Ink No. 7

Milton Glaser + La MaMa + Blondie + Anthology Film Archives + Monopoly + Choose Your Own Adventure + Sub Pop + Space Oddity

Vanishing Ink No. 8

Lester Bangs + Punk + Politics

Episode No. 4

What is Punk? by Allyson McCabe + The DC Punk Archive, Allyson's interview with Michele Casto + Bad Saint/Pinoy Punk, Allyson's interview with Nick Pimentel + Photos by Brendan McCabe

Vanishing Ink No. 9

Carrie Fisher + French Bulldogs + Guitar Pickups + Abigail Ybarra + Audio Extra: Hey Bulldog

Vanishing Ink No. 10

Pancake Mountain  + Blank Generation + Friends from College

Episode No. 5

TV Memories by Allyson McCabe and Katherine Booth + Pancake Mountain, interview with Scott Stuckey

Vanishing Ink No. 11

Nicole Georges + Fetch Giveaway + Dead Milkmen + Pill + Richard Atkins

Vanishing Ink No. 12

Soundtracks of Our Lives + How Soon is Now? + Mystery Train + Rick Moody + Young Marble Giants + Salad Days + Mark Alan Stamaty + Elvis

Episode No. 6

A Ride on the Mystery Train by Allyson McCabe + Salad Days, Allyson's interview with Rick Moody + Shake, Rattle, & Turn that Noise Down, Allyson's interview with Mark Alan Stamaty


Vanishing Ink No. 13

Special Edition: Laura Balance’s Ghost Stories

Vanishing Ink No. 14

Rocks Stars “R” Us + Laurie Lindeen + Paul Westerberg + Joyce Maynard + Steve McQueen + Townes Van Zandt + Lulu Lewis + Audio Extra: Lulu Lewis

Vanishing Ink No. 15

Magic Thieves + Hamburglars + Sid and Marty Krofft + Audio Extras: Men with Tigers by Jamie Fisher and Speed Metal Dating by Nicole Disser

Vanishing Ink No. 16

Escape From Suburbia + VW Tiguan Ads + Pamela Adlon + Better Things + The Ramones T-shirt + Davis Giffels

Vanishing Ink No. 17

Basilica SoundScape + Priests + Sister Polygon + Protomartyr + Battle of the Sexes

Episode No. 7

My Son's Tutu & Philadelphia Freedom by Allyson McCabe + Battle of the Sexes + Interview with Ai-Ling Lee and Mildred (Milly) Iatrou Morgan by Garrett Tiedemann

Vanishing Ink No. 18

E.B. White + Roz Chast + Tamara Shopsin + Jim Carroll

Vanishing Ink. No 19

Close Encounters + Jim Sullivan + Benji Hughes + The Pareidolia of Love

Vanishing Ink No. 20

Pinball + Theresa Duncan + The Polybius Conspiracy + Audio Extras from Theresa Duncan

Vanishing Ink No. 21

King Krule & The Perfect Perfecto & Why Things Last 

Vanishing Ink No. 22 

Jackie Shane & Split Britches & The Ridiculous Theatrical Company

Vanishing Ink No. 23

Stiff Records & Ian Svenonius & Death From Detroit

Vanishing Ink No. 24

Bowie’s Final Finale

Vanishing Ink. No. 25

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