Vanishing Ink Ep. No. 6

Stripped and taped together like the music fanzines of a bygone era, Vanishing Ink is a modern tribute to punk culture and radio. It’s a podcast. It’s a fanzine. It’s a DIY culture assault. And it's only avaliable via free subscription. Is this your first time here? Catch up.

Episode 6 Show Notes 

The Soundtracks of Our Lives

Side A

A Ride on the Mystery Train by Allyson McCabe

Side B

Salad Days, Allyson's interview with Rick Moody

Shake, Rattle, & Turn that Noise Down, Allyson's interview with Mark Alan Stamaty




Rick Moody is the author of six novels, three collections of stories, a memoir, and a volume of essays, On Celestial Music: And Other Adventures in Listening. With Kid Millions of Oneida, he also recently released the album The Unspeakable Practices on Joyful Noise recordings.

Rick's pick!

Rick's pick!


Mark Alan Stamaty is a well-known cultural and political cartoonist. Mark’s panoramic centerfolds of Greenwich Village and Times Square first appeared in the Village Voice in the 70’s… and have appeared more recently on the New York City subway. Aside from his work on long-running  strips including MacDoodle St., Washingtoon, Doodlennium, Mark has also published several books, including the cult classic Who Needs Donuts? and Shake, Rattle, & Turn that Noise Down, a graphic memoir all about his childhood love of Elvis. Bonus: Allyson's Rumpus interview with Mark.

Mark's recent work on the NYC subway (above) and a still of Joe Strummer as "Elvis" Johnny in Mystery Train (below)

Mark's recent work on the NYC subway (above) and a still of Joe Strummer as "Elvis" Johnny in Mystery Train (below)


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