Vanishing Ink Ep. No. 7


Stripped and taped together like the music fanzines of a bygone era, Vanishing Ink is a modern tribute to punk culture and radio. It’s a podcast. It’s a fanzine. It’s a DIY culture assault. And it's only avaliable via free subscription. Is this your first time here? Catch up.

Episode 7 Show Notes 

Side A

My Son's Tutu & Philadelphia Freedom by Allyson McCabe

Side B

Battle of the Sexes + Interview with Ai-Ling Lee and Mildred (Milly) Iatrou Morgan by Garrett Tiedemann




Garrett Tiedemann is a radio producer, journalist, filmmaker and composer. He works for American Public Media covering the breadth and depth of composed music for YourClassical and Classical Minnesota Public Radio while also producing films, music videos, music and the podcast The White Whale via his production company CyNar Pictures. As a freelancer he has lent production and compositional approaches to the podcasts Memory Motel, Here Be Monsters, The Organist, ARRVLS, Life of the Law, and Top Score. Additionally he manages production and strategy for the oral history/storytelling project SisterStory.


Me and my kid as kids.


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